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Custom homes and renovations in the Rolwes family tradition

Architecture begins where engineering ends.
Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.



Whether you're looking to build or find your dream home, remodel or sell your existing home, Rolwes Living can help. Come experience a passion for design, that is both functional and beautiful, along with an attention to detail that has earned Larry Rolwes an exceptional reputation throughout his nearly forty years of experience in the St. Louis homebuilding industry.

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Flowered wallpaper

Perhaps the latest trend with wallpaper is that it is back, according to industry experts. Certainly, paints and paint treatments with perfected quality and available in thousands of colors command...

Granite countertop

Granite, laminate, concrete? Searching for the perfect kitchen counter surface for doesn't have to be difficult. At Rolwes Living we can offer pointers about the most popular countertop materials....

Round-top door with wrought iron accent

The front doorway in today's home provides an opportunity for an owner to make a unique individual statement. The front door, or in general really, the front lawn of a home speaks volumes of what to...